HISPA-DAU Awards 2017 – Round 2

Welcome to the Round 2 of HISPA-DAU Awards 2017


Our members have spoken in the first round and now we have the top24 games for the next round. Congratulations! The list has 24 games instead of 20 because of some ties.


Game Designer Publisher
1920 Wallstreet Perepau Llistosella Looping Games
Alex Colt: Cadete Espacial Alberto Corazón Zacatrus
Amanecer Zombi Pere Valero y Ramón Vargas Games4Gamers
Candy Time Manu Palau Brain Picnic
Cargolino Valentino Eugeni Castaño Viravi
Checkpoint Charlie José Antonio Abascal Devir
Cobardes Francisco Gómez Tranjis Games
El tesoro de Isla Tortuga Leandro Félix García DMZ Games
Game of Trolls Gabriel Elpiru Fernandez Zacatrus
Hatflings Judit Hurtado y Fernando Chavarria Meridiano 6
King of the Hill Adrià Càmara y Oriol Tutusaus Orca Jocs
La cueva mágica José María Bellostas Ureña Darbel
Locos Crononautas Enrique Gil SmartPlay Editorial
Mascletà Óscar García Pirojocs
Mascotas Raúl López y Juan C. Ruiz Atomo
Mondrian Israel Cendrero  y Sheila Santos Tranjis Games
Navíos en linea: Trafalgar 1805 Crisanto Lorente Trafalgar Editions
Oilfield Paco Yánez Abba Games
Plus Ultra Manuel D. Cruz Díaz, Antonio J. Dionisio Meridiano 6
Sector 6 Jaime Gonzalez Draco Ideas
Spoilers Manu Palau Brain Picnic/Zacatrus
Sugi Victor Sametier GDM Games
Ticket to Mars Eugeni Castaño GDM Games
Topoum Perepau Llistosella Looping Games

In this round, specialized and diverse spanish jury, formed by people from associations, stores and press, will have to sort these 24 games from the first to the last in order to get the 5 finalists games (expandable up to 7 in case of tie). They have until Oct. 15th 2017 and the results will be published on Oct. 16th 2017.


Juanjo Peña
Owner of the specilized store Kaburi in Barcelona.

Edu Pascual
Journalist, communication advisor and creative content of enjuegate.com and a radio show in OndaCero.

Genís Morera
Member and collaborator os the charity association Ayudar Jugando.

Lorena Garcés
Editor and owner of the blog Consola y Tablero, especialized media about boardgames and videogames.

Montse Maqueda
Member of non-profit association FanCon and organizer of the alternative leisure days with the same name.

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